I am a mathematics PhD student at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. I help run a math summer camp for underserved highschool students in San Francisco, CA. I also do mathematically inspired art, and have been a skateboarder for 20+ years.

My undergraduate work was done at City College of San Francisco and UC Berkeley, where I focused on abstract algebra. My Masters thesis at San Francisco State University explored objects called Hom Polytopes and led to a publication in the Italian mathematical journal Geometriae Dedicata. My PhD research is in combinatorial commutative algebra and convex polytopes.

In 2013, eight other SFSU graduate students and I founded San Francisco Math Circle Math Camp. We provide free summer enrichment programs in mathematics to students without the means to attend similar programs in the area.

In the Summer of 2014 I attended a 6-week architecture and design program at Harvard's Graduate School of Design.

My geometrically-driven art has been commissioned by City College of San Francisco and displayed at the Joint Mathematics Meetings. A current collaborative project is planned for display in Los Angeles, CA this year.

Jack Love