Jack Love

My exploration of math started relatively late. I opted out of a "higher math" course as a senior in high school, and opted out of college altogether after my freshman year at UCSD. Six years later I returned to academia at City College of San Francisco where I spent a year exploring many interests. Those interests were mainly scientific and philosophical; I was interested in what could be said about the workings of the world that we live in. Mathematics seemed like a place where fundamental principles were given form, and I wanted to explore that.

I finished basic coursework at City College of San Francisco and transferred to UC Berkeley where I earned a BA in math in 2010.

I received an MA in mathematics from San Francisco State University in 2013. My Masters thesis explored objects called Hom-polytopes (one of which is depicted here) and lead to a paper which can be found here: http://arxiv.org/abs/1304.3775

A Hom-polytope is a geometric object made up of points that, themselves, represent relationships between other geometric objects. The figure here lives in 9-dimensional space, and each point represents a different embedding of a 2-dimensional square into a 3-dimensional triangular pyramid.

I am currently pursuing a mathematics PhD at George Mason University. I am also involved with MEGL, the Mason Experimental Geometry Lab (http://meglab.wikidot.com/), where I serve as outreach coordinator; as such I facilitate bringing "outside-the-box" math activities into K-12 classrooms with the goal of expanding perspectives on what mathematics is and can be.